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Dear lovely author,

Thank you so very much for offering one of these fandoms!!  I'm beyond excited about getting any kind of fic for these fandoms.  (Actually, this might be the first year where I'm just excited about my requests as I am about my offers!)

The fandoms I'm requesting this year are high on humor, screw-ups, and found family, and that's exactly what I love about them.

About me: I haven't posted on tumblr, DW, or LJ in a while, but those accounts exist.  I'm locked on Twitter, but I'll accept requests from anyone who's clearly fannish.  My fic is on AO3.

Archer (Cartoon) - Cheryl, Lana, Malory, Pam, Sterling

I’ve seen this series all the way through at least 3 times. I love it so. I keep meaning to make a spreadsheet to chart out who, exactly, has had sex with whom. I think the answer is roughly everyone/everyone, but my little nerd heart wants to know the particulars anyway.

I’m definitely looking for humor out of this fandom. Little things I love about this canon: the wonderfully unknowable time setting that mixes 60s aesthetics with Cold War with modern day references. All of the recurring jokes, but especially references to obscure historical figures, “phrasing,” etc etc. You can pick any of the seasons or their various settings to set your fic in; I love them all.

Prompts for Archer:
  • Everyone/everyone. Oh my god, you could just write me a hilarious and awkward orgy happening for dubiously logical reasons, and hell, it would practically be canon already.
    • Comedy of errors stuff where, idk, Pam buys a birthday cake, which leads to Pam betting Cheryl in a high stakes poker game, which leads to street fighting with a US Senator. THAT SORT OF THING.
    • Pam in early seasons is in a constant state of thirst for anyone and everyone. PAM GETS LAID
  • Headcanon: Sterling Archer is a repressed bisexual/pansexual man; canon has given us ample evidence for this. I would LOVE a story about Sterling trying to come to terms with his bisexuality, in his own terrible and hapless way. Maybe the gang tries to help him in their own terrible and hapless way! FIC PROMPTS:
    • Sterling realizes that his hero worship of Burt Reynolds is not strictly platonic?
    • Heck, if you wanted to write Sterling/Ramon Limon (1x05, 5x02), that would be fabulous.

Please Don't Include: reference to Ray’s paralysis or lack-there-of (but featuring Ray himself is fine!), or Sterling’s rape by Lucas Troy. And I'm sure there's some more sexual assault content I'm not thinking of.  I can handle most of the canon content in Archer, but not the disability- and rape-related stuff.

Calamity Jane (1953) - I didn’t choose any characters in this fandom because if you’re offering this fandom, I’ll take anything you got. I nominated the fandom, though, because it is the femslash fandom of my youth. Baby Fleete was so, so easy for frontierswoman!Doris Day.

Jane is blustery and a braggart and tells tall tales if it makes her look good, and always wants to impress people. I *love* that about her. I love the idea that Katie (or Bill!) sees all those parts of her and falls in love with her anyway and being kind of indignant about it.
  • I would adore Jane/Katie fic of any stripe. Particularly anything to do with outfits and costuming?? Jane and Katie have multiple scenes together where they're dressing up or getting undressed.
  • Or heck, Jane/Katie/Wild Bill/Danny.  THEY HAD A DOUBLE WEDDING, like, these 4 are gonna spend all their time together.  Perhaps Jane and Katie demand that they all live together, and Bill and Danny grumble about it, but then it takes a turn for the awesome.
  • To be perfectly honest, I would take any combination of these 4, so if you wanna write me het with Jane/Bill, or maybe Bill/Danny comforting each other after their ladies run off together, that would be cool too.
  • I am super super super into crossdressing and genderplay for any characters or pairings, so anything you wanna do in that realm is fiiiiiine by me.

Content warning: If anybody reading this is thinking of watching Calamity Jane for the first time, please know that 1950s casual racism is no joke. The depictions of Native Americans in this movie are appalling.  

Lucifer (TV) -  Lucifer Morningstar, Chloe Decker, Amenadiel (Lucifer TV)

Gosh I love mythologies based on Judeo-Christian traditions. I haven’t read any of the comics at all, so I have no knowledge of what happens there, and you're welcome to borrow from it if you like!  I'm really interested in the mythological world and its rules, so if you're into worldbuilding, I would love that.  What's the deal

If you want to include Maze, Trixie, Dan, or anyone else, I'm all for it.  I just chose these 3 because they're my favorites.  Also: as of writing this letter, it's still very early in the season, so I haven't seen much of anything to do with Lucifer's mom yet.  But I am very, very into family angst, so odds are I will be interested in her.  (Man, I really hope she's more than a one-dimensional evil character, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.)  If you want to include her or her story line, feel free!
  • Lucifer/Chloe - I ship it, even though I think Chloe is very smart not to hop on that trainwreck.  So if you want to do Lucifer/Chloe as an undercurrent to a different story, that would amazing.  And if you want to feature Lucifer/Chloe in all its trainwreck-y glory, that is also amazing.  FIC PROMPTS:
    • Most of the fic I've seen for these two focuses on the idea that Lucifer is crazy amazing in bed.  So let's say Chloe bangs him...and then keeps banging him, but man it's great, but finds herself trying to figure out whether they are actually in a relationship or not.  Because Lucifer clearly doesn't know a relationship from a hole in the ground, but also he vaguely considers Chloe "his," but also he's not going to be monogamous. And basically Chloe has to figure out how much of this shit she's going to put up with in order to get laid.
      • I adore negotatiations of non-monogamy and/or monogamy if you end up going this route.
    • Imagine the hilarity of Lucifer bringing Chloe to therapy with him.  Maybe he wants Linda to "fix" their relationship, or maybe he thinks it will convince Chloe of his identity, but it surely would not go the way he was hoping.
  • Amenadiel & Lucifer family drama - Gosh, I love these guys as siblings, and I am really into their wider angelic family drama.  Two thumbs up for Amenadiel/Lucifer if you wanna go there, but that would be mostly icing on the cake of delicious, humorous, adversarial family angst. :)  FIC PROMPT:
    • Amenadiel gets flack from his other siblings for helping out Lucifer!  How does the angelic family see Amenadiel's whole turnaround on the issue of Lucifer?  Or maybe other angels are just criticizing/attacking Lucifer, and Amenadiel finds himself in this hilariously weird position of defending him.  (I would love to see a lady angel, btw. Idk if those exist anywhere in mythology, but jeez I'd love it!)
  • Embodiment is weird. I would argue that, for a divine being, Lucifer is weirdly immature. He just doesn’t seem like someone who’s operating with thousands of years of experience under his belt, even if it was locked away in hell with a bunch of under-socialized demons. I’d love a fic that explored what it’s like for Lucifer to have a body. It’s unclear to me how experienced he is with embodiment, or how different his current body is from what he's used to.  Or maybe he only feels odd/different in Chloe's presence?  FIC PROMPTS:
    • Lucifer experimenting with pain or even just sensation in Chloe’s presence, especially without her knowledge. (But maybe she finds out eventually!)  I'm not looking for an angsty self-harm fic here; more of a "sensation is fun and interesting!!" kind of fic.  
    • the way that embodiment makes emotions feel different to him, or makes him experience them differently?
    • This would probably be a good moment to mention that I’m really into people finding kinks and kinky play by accident. So you can certainly take it in that direction if it floats your boat! But I’m also interested in this outside of kink.

Please Don't Include: bashing Dan (okay, Lucifer can bash Dan because Lucifer is a douchebag, but the narrative can’t bash Dan), Lucifer singing (I know, I know, I just get weird second-hand embarrassment when characters sing.)

Things I Love in General (in no particular order)

  • Shippy fic of all kinds: boyslash, femslash, het, poly, multiship. Two faves in particular are queer different-sex couples and poly arrangements.
  • Gen fic is great: especially friends helping each other out of tough spots and being protective of each other, found families, case fic, day-in-the-life.
  • UST like whoa.
  • Friends with benefits (they can fall in love or be perfectly happy as FWB, it's all good).
  • Arranged marriage/marriage-of-convenience is my favorite trope of all time.
  • Mistaken/hidden identities/identity porn is probably my second favorite trope of all time.
  • Awkwardness, dorkiness, making mistakes, failure. Characters who mess up and then recover, possibly with the help of friends. Some of my absolute favorite characters are those who fuck up phenomenally and learn to deal. They give me hope for my own life. :)
  • AUs (workplace, historical, magical, etc)
  • Trope inversions.
  • Holiday fic: Oh man, how much do I love holiday fic?  I celebrate Christmas with a maniacal fervor, and I'm just as happy to see any other winter holidays or even just winter themes.
  • I’m happy to read about any of these characters with minority genders/gender presentations/sexualities of any kind. Particular love for bisexual and genderfluid characters.

On Porn

If you like to write porn, I'd love to read it. (I also love many things that are NOT porn, so don't stress if it's not your thing, or it doesn't fit the story you're writing.) I especially like talking during sex, humorous sex, awkward sex, and vulnerability. I am down for all kinds of kink, from the barely-there to full formalized arrangements. Seriously, so long as there is consent and it’s not on the “rather not” list below, I'm good to go.

I will say that I have a fondness for under-negotiated kink where people are dumb and/or inexperienced, and so they're not giving fully informed consent, but they're still super into it? So they have to work their way towards being able to understand and articulate their desires well enough to give good consent? (This kind of fic would inherently involve dub-con, which is okay with me.)

Here's a few kinks I particularly like: vanilla kink, class fantasies, humiliation, objectification, glory holes, gender play. (Oh man, I am so easy for glory hole fic: it combines identity porn with the vulnerability of putting parts of your body out there for a stranger. So good!)

Things I Prefer Not to Read This Year
  • Genderswap/sexswap of the "woke-up-this-way" variety. Rule 63 is fine.
  • Mpreg where it is unusual for the universe. Mpreg in a universe where it happens all the time (like A/B/O) is a-okay.
  • High school AUs.
  • Non-con. (Dub-con is okay, especially if it's AMTDI/sex-pollen variety, or if they talk about/negotiate things afterwards so that they can give better consent in the future.)
  • Knifeplay, bloodplay (with an exception for menstruation, which is cool), biting, basically anything with skin-breaking during sex.

If you have any questions, you can comment anonymously here!
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