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Dearest, most wonderful author: I am SO SORRY that this letter didn't end up linked from my sign-up.  I've gotten horribly sick over the last week, and things kinda went awry.  If you ended up finding this letter later--and you've already started writing--please don't feel like you have to start over or anything.  Optional details are optional,and also it's my own fault!!  I'm going to be jazzed about pretty much anything you could write about any of these three fandoms, because I love them so!

FYI: My family tends to be pretty intense on December 25, and I tend to travel that day, so it might take me until the end of the day or even the next to get you a comment. But please know that I will do so!  It's always one of the best parts of the day, getting to slip away to read Yuletide fics. :)

Women's Hockey RPF - Any Character
The CWHL and the NWHL are the two current North American leagues.  NWHL games are all available for free on Youtube.

So I got into Hockey RPF this past year, and the only thing that it was lacking for me was lots of women.  I'm SO EXCITED about the NWHL, and I plan on watching many, many games now that I've finally finished school this October.  I don't know nearly as much as I want to about all these ladies, so please, take this as your opportunity to tell me All About Your Fave.  Tell me who I should ship. Tell me who has the best and most epic backstory.  Tell me who is the most adorable, or the most sexy, or the most badass.  

I'm super happy to receive femslash (seriously, I will ship any two ladies; lay it on me), het (the Scrivens' epic goalie love! or heck, any one else!), or gen (friendship feeeeeels, locker room shenanigans, fun AUs, anything at all).  Feel free to crossover with men's hockey if you like, so long as the woman is the focus.

If you're slightly overwhelmed by the "any character"

Specific Prompts
  • Someone develops an epic crush on a teammate.  Pining!  (I love pining so much that unrequited or requited are both fine by me.)
  • TEACHING.  Older player helps younger player with her hockey moves and then helps her with her MOVES.  OR, hey, maybe older hockey player helps younger player with the hockey, and maybe along the way, older player's finally starting to be comfortable with her sexuality, and younger queer player helps her learn a thing about picking up chicks.  Or about cunnilingus.  LEARNING, teaching, instructions. ALL GOOD.  This could be as gen or as sexy as you like. :)
  • Tropey AUs like soulmates, a/b/o.  Btw, I'm super happy with stories about platonic soulmates, or gen stories set in a/b/o universes.

Push (2009) - Nick and Cassie
An awesomely silly movie starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning featuring superpowers and shady government agencies.

Yeaaaah, I definitely ship it, and I know many other people do, too, BUT if you don't, have no fear.  My thing about these two is their co-dependent, us-against-the-world found family.  I LOVE that dynamic, and so anything that plays into that will make me brim with joy.

I am super into the age difference, and Nick experiencing buckets of self-loathing for even thinking about it.  That's part of the appeal for me.  I'm actually okay with underage in this fandom, so long as it is portrayed as problematic.   But aging Cassie up is great, too.

Specific Prompts
  • A  few years down the line, they pretend to be a couple to infiltrate somewhere: a gross businessman with his much younger girlfriend, and Nick has lots of guilty feels about how it's not far from the truth.
  • For some dumb reason, they get picked up by local police, and they're stuck with trying to carefully extricate themselves from misdemeanor charges without bringing too much attention to themselves.  
  • Someone does something mean, uncool, or even downright evil to Nick, and Cassie executes some low-key (or not so low-key) revenge.  (Or vice versa!)

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015) - Gaby, Napoleon, Illya
A Guy Ritchie movie that came out this year starring Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, and Alicia Vikander.

OT3!  I'm happy to read Gaby/Napoleon/Illya, but if you'd rather do Gaby/Illya + Napoleon, that's great as well.  Or, if you wanna stick to straight-up friendship fic, that's cool, too.  I'm down for Illya/Napoleon if that's your heart's desire, but I'd definitely prefer that Gaby was significantly involved.

I'm very much into a poly arrangement for these three, and that could be a full triad with all three of them, a hinge situation where two people have separate relationships with a third, or something where they break off into pairs every so often.  I'd love to see something where it starts out as Gaby/Illya and evolves.    I love the Gaby/Illya in the film, so I'd love if that's there somehow, even if subtly.

Specific Prompts
  • Any of the three taking steps to protect the other two, especially relatively soon after the film where they don't all 100% trust each other yet, but they're getting there.
  • Any of the three begrudgingly finding that they genuinely like one or more of the others.
  • In a lag between cases, Gaby runs across a situation where a stranger needs help or needs punishing, or even just a situation that needs fixing, and she decides to do it.  The boys find out halfway through, and obnoxiously decide that Gaby needs their help.  Shenanigans ensue.

Things I Love in General  (in no particular order)
  • Shippy fic of all kinds: boyslash, femslash, het, poly, multiship.  One fave in particular is queer different-sex couples.
  • Gen fic is great: especially friends helping each other out of tough spots, found families, case fic, day-in-the-life.
  • UST like whoa.  
  • Friends with benefits (they can fall in love or be perfectly happy as FWB, it's all good).
  • Pretend/fake relationships.
  • Awkwardness, dorkiness, making mistakes, failboating.  Characters who mess up and then recover, possibly with the help of friends.
  • Mistaken/hidden identities.
  • AUs (workplace, historical, magical, etc)
  • Trope inversions.
  • Holiday fic: I celebrate Christmas myself, and I'm just as happy to see any other winter holidays or even just winter themes.
  • Characters being trans, asexual, bisexual, or any other minority genders or sexualities.  I especially like stories that aren't necessarily about their gender/sexuality; it's just part of the character's life, and the story's about something else.  I have an especial love for queer A/B/O relationships if that's somewhere you wanna go.

On Porn

If you like to write porn, I'd love to read it.  (I also love many things that are NOT porn, so don't stress if it's not your thing, or it doesn't fit the story you're writing.)  I especially like talking during sex, humorous sex, and vulnerability.  I am down for all kinds kink, from the barely-there to full formalized arrangements.  Seriously, so long as there is consent, I'm good to go.  (However, I will say that I have a fondness for under-negotiated kink where people are dumb and inexperienced, and so they're not giving fully informed consent, but they're still super into it?  If that makes sense?)  Here's a few things I particularly like: spanking, vanilla kink, class fantasies, humiliation, sensation play, subspace.  

Kinks I'd rather not read: knifeplay, bloodplay (with an exception for menstruation, which is okay), basically anything with skin-breaking.

Things I Prefer Not to Read This Year
  • Genderswap/sexswap of the "woke-up-this-way" variety.  Rule 63 is fine.
  • Mpreg where it is unusual for the universe.  Mpreg in a universe where it happens all the time (like A/B/O) is a-okay.
  • High school AUs.
  • Non-con.  (Dub-con is okay, especially if it's AMTDI/sex-pollen variety, or if they talk about/negotiate it afterwards so that they do it better in the future.)

I've enabled this journal entry for anonymous comments, so if you have a question for me, please ask!  Or, you can contact [personal profile] concinnity .


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