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Right now, I'm writing about Audre Lorde.  Or at least, I was writing about Audre Lorde.  Then I decided I needed an Audre Lorde icon.  Then I couldn't find one. .  All the feminist icons I can find seem to feature white women.  Maybe I'll have to *make* an Audre Lorde icon.  Don't know how to do that, but seems like a good project.  Made an icon.  Instead of writing, that is.

I love Audre Lorde.  I like lesbian feminist writers of the 80s in general.  I may not strictly agree with all of their theories, but they're just so sexy.  Nobody writes so lovingly, so sensually about the female body as lesbian feminist poets of the 80s, I think.  

Here, have some Audre Lorde poetry:

Excerpts from "Meet":

Woman when we met on the solstice
high over halfway between your world and mine
rimmed with full moon and no more excuses
your red hair burned my fingers as I spread you
tasting your ruff down to sweetness
and I forgot to tell you
I have heard you calling across this land
in my blood before meeting
I greet you agian
on the beaches in mines lying on platforms
in trees full of tail-tail birds flicking
and deep in your caves of decomposed granite
even over my own laterite hills
after a long journey
licking your sons
while you wrinkle your nose at the stench.


Come in the curve of the lion's bulging stomach
lie for a season out of the judging rain
we have mated we have cubbed
we have high time for work and another meeting
women exchanging blood
in the innermost rooms of moment
we must taste of each other's fruit
at least once
before we shall both be slain.

I'm in the process of relating Audre Lorde's awesome essay "The Uses of the Erotic: The Power of the Erotic" to the concept of kink.  Not sure if Lorde herself would approve of the way I'm using it, but I think I can make an argument for it.
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