May. 1st, 2012

Dear Author

May. 1st, 2012 03:33 pm
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 Dear Author,

The first thing to know is, I loved your fic.  It probably made me smile or cry or fan myself or clutch at my heart, and I liked it so much that I would like to ask your permission to podfic it.  By "podfic," I mean an audio recording of me reading your story aloud.  I might add some music or sound effects for fun or to make things clearer, but primarily, it's just your story being read aloud.

Here's What You Need to Know
I will always give you credit as the author, both in the podfic itself and in the posts about it.  I'll also provide a link back to your story in the post, as well encourage listeners to go leave you feedback.  Podfics will be uploaded to the Audiofic Archive and Mediafire, and will be cross-posted to podfic-specific and fandom-specific communities.  I am more than happy to let you know where exactly I post it upfront; just ask!

I want to podfic your story for those that will listen and enjoy it, and if that includes you, that's awesome!  Podfic isn't everyone's thing, though, so it's perfectly all right it that doesn't include you.  You aren't specifically who I think of when I make the podfic.  So don't feel any pressure to pimp my podfic if you don't want to and don't feel you even need to listen to it or comment on it.

If you don't give me permission to make a podfic of your work, I'm going to respect that decision.  No need for explanation or defense.  It's your work, and I respect you and it too much to go against that.

Why Podfic?
I started listening to podfic, because I was spending a lot of time travelling, and it was amazing to be able to listen to fanfiction while I was driving.  Other people take podfic with them on the subway or bus, or they listen to it while they're cleaning house or falling asleep.  For still other people with visual and reading disabilities, podfic can be a way to access fanfiction when they otherwise couldn't!

I am pretty flexible, so if you have any special requests or concerns, let me know.  Keep in mind that I'll certainly listen to and try to incorporate any suggestions you have for the podfic, but I can't guarantee that I'll fulfill every suggestion, so please take that into account when deciding to give permission!

In conclusion, thanks for reading this, and whether you give me permission to podfic it or not, thanks for writing such an inspiring fic!



fleete: A picture of Ko Eun-Chan from the Korean drama Coffee Prince.  She is holding a pillow against her chest, looking dreamy (Default)

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